In the Midst of Loss.

Yesterday, we received news that one our daughters had miscarried the two embryos that had been implanted in her womb just a few weeks earlier. We were and still are devastated. Our joy upon learning of her pregnancy was quickly turned to sorrow, mixed with confusion and despair. We cried

When Men Play God.

It has been a rough week for America. Senseless, tragic deaths have shocked our national consciousness yet again. And social media is filled with vitriolic, emotionally driven responses that do little more than lay blame at somebody else’s doorstep. The accusations and acrimonious diatribes fly and tempers flare. And sadly,

Start the New Year out right.

This next week we are going to start an 11-part series on the book of Romans. It’s called JUSTIFIED: the Gospel of God in the Book of Romans. We will launch our mid-week men’s study at the Fort Worth campus on Thursday, January 7. Our morning session starts a6:30 am

The Missing Law.

It is at times like this, when we are confronted with yet another vivid and disturbing illustration of man’s inhumanity to man, in the form of the mass murder of dozens of innocent people, that the Internet and the air waves become filled with calls for stricter laws and more

Off to a great start!

This week we launched our new mid-week men’s Bible study with the series: 24-hour Energy: Fuel for the Race. We had a great turnout at each of our four sessions. If you haven’t been able to attend one of our BAND of BROTHERS Bible studies, you have four options from

The Not-So-Easy Life

Nobody ever said following Jesus was going to be easy. At least, nobody that matters. Even Jesus warned that it was not going to be a cake walk. He told His disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me”

Growing Pains.

Spiritual growth. Two words that most of us as Christians are familiar with, but the question is whether or not we know what they really mean. Some of us assume spiritual growth will just happen. Kind of like physical growth does in a child. Short of supplying them with some

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